Assignable Reserve

You are being called to serve. Our communities, our cities, and our country needs you to find a way to not just survive, but to elevate yourself and others. Quarantined or not, we’ve found ways for everyone to serve. This is your call to action.

All COVID-19 operations provide essential services or assistance to an underserved population in coordination with jurisdictional authorities.

In order to meet the immense demand across the country for women and men willing to serve in a multitude of capacities, we are launching a new way to mobilize our Greyshirts. It’s called the Assignable Reserve. We ask you to submit your interest for certain operation types and share dates you would be available to serve if called upon. By knowing ahead of time what operation type you are willing to serve on and which dates you can do it, we can reduce the amount of time between communities needing assistance and us being able to deliver it.

Join the Assignable Reserve

Joining the Assignable Reserve is one step for most Greyshirts (three if you are a medical provider):

Healthcare Workers (Licensed Medical Providers Only) – We’d like to know who you are and expedite getting you to the field by pre-loading your license & certification information to. Please join the Assignable Reserve using the step above as well as the two additional below to expedite submission of credentialing packages, allowing us to provide medical services faster:

Deployment Requirements

Eligible Greyshirts must:

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

You don’t have to wait for an operation to come to your area, you can start doing something now.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

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