Welcome to the team

Step 1: Complete online training

TR 101

Walks you through our history and who we are as an organization.

Pre-Deployment Basic: ICS 100 & 700

Establishes the minimum baseline incident management training for deploying downrange with Team Rubicon. It includes the FEMA courses, ICS 100 and ICS 700.

Right now, because of urgency, your ICS requirement may be waived for deployment on low-risk operations and for healthcare workers deploying as medical support. But ICS 100 & 700 will still be part of TR's requirements to deploy on the other side of this crisis. Complete ICS 100 & 700 if you can.

Step 2: Complete background check

Team Rubicon's background check policy is to ensure a safe operating environment for our team members and the communities we serve.

Due to court closures, we will accept Greyshirts with a background check status "In Progress" for low-risk operations without billeting.

Please log in to start your background check.

Step 3: Update Profile

Enter your date of birth and keep your emergency contact info updated to ensure deployment readiness.

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