Where do you draw your grey line?
Feeling salty with all those Op patches and eager for the next step in your Greyshirt journey? We thought so. Become a volunteer leader and use your skills to help us build a better organization. As a volunteer leader, you’ll be supporting your fellow Greyshirts and the mission on and off deployment.


Administrators are responsible for leading metro and/or geographic area growth with a focus on building capacity through team building, hosting events, building relationships, and training Greyshirts. Administrators are responsible for building, supporting, and guiding leadership teams so that Team Rubicon can respond to disasters at the most local level possible.

Field Readiness

Field Readiness Leaders are the primary strategic thinkers for building capacity and readiness within their teams. Your primary focus will be on deepening the bench for Command and General Staff and Recon/Advon positions and increasing capacity for current and future Team Rubicon operations.


Come on, come on, listen, to the money talk! The Finance Coordinator is responsible for the branch’s financial accounting systems, reimbursements and event and operational finance approvals. As a part of the Mission Planning Team, you’ll support TR and fellow Greyshirts during operations, using a finance tracker and multiple applications (EMS, SharePoint, SAP/Concur and PEX) with the support and guidance of the National Finance Team. We can guarantee that no two days will be exactly alike.


Who’s the real go-to in our ranks? The Logistics Leaders know where things go and how to get them there. They’re responsible for managing response trailers and caches and coordinating logistics for projects, training events, and operations. In this role, you’ll work closely with the Operations Associate and the Branch Logistics Associate.


Become one of the real movers in Team Rubicon. Mobilization ensures the operation gets the right Greyshirt resources to the affected communities we serve. You’ll often be the first point of contact for Greyshirts prior to deployment. Answer questions related to deploying and deployment availability. Taking charge of Greyshirt communications and dispatching information to support volunteers can be expected during an operation.


Planners are the front-line sentries for Team Rubicon. As a planner, you'll provide early warning of potential disasters to your geographic area team, collect disaster information, and manage mission planning activities to get the right TR resources to the area of most need, as quickly as possible, to help survivors on their worst day.


Technology Leaders are crucial at all levels of systems support and administration to make sure all volunteer leaders can navigate and utilize our technology systems. Technology leaders provide feedback directly to our national team to help improve current systems and consequently, the Greyshirt experience. You’ll support processing of leadership, technical systems support, training and mentorship to leaders in technology usage, and systems administration.


Have you racked up degrees in everything disaster response? Let’s see to it your whole Branch does too. As a Training Leader, you'll plan short and long-term training events in accordance with your Branch’s strategic goals. In addition, you’ll be responsible for scheduling and coordinating with instructors and cadre leads for training events.


This is TR Teddy: Radio check | radio check.... Nope, not that kind of comms. The Communications Leader is charged with pushing the story of Team Rubicon far and wide while disseminating timely information to Greyshirts within your Area of Operation. There are several roles within Comms, starting with Public Information Officers, photographers, social media gurus to, but not ending at, marketers. A great Comms Leader is a TR brand standards champion that loves sharing stories across digital platforms.


Membership leaders oversee the outreach, engagement, lifecycle support and development of Greyshirts within each Branch and enhance the Greyshirt experience, community and self-identity to each member. You’ll have a toolbox jammed full of interpersonal skills and data analytical abilities.


The purpose of Team Rubicon’s Well-being team is to connect Greyshirts to needed resources and provide tools to maintain resiliency. Individual awareness and proactive tending to one's mind, body, and soul are key when it comes to serving others. You’ll help ensure TR is ready to hit the field when they’re needed.