Eager to take the next step in your Greyshirt journey? Step into the arena by taking on a volunteer leadership role on any of these teams, now.


Serve as the leader of leaders and increase Team Rubicon’s ability to respond to disasters at the most local level possible through team building, hosting events, and training Greyshirts in your metro and/or geographic area.

Leadership Levels: Metro, Geographic Area


Spread the word about operations and disasters to Greyshirts and the media; join the photographer cadre and shoot photos from the field; capture stories for the digital media and social teams; monitor our social channels, and more.

Leadership Levels: Open at all levels

Field Readiness

Play a pivotal role in deepening the talent bench by empowering Command and General Staff, amplifying Recon/ADVON capabilities, and increasing Team Rubicon’s local response capacity.

Leadership Levels: N/A


Your mom’s a donor. As a volunteer finance leader, you’ll champion fiscal responsibility and stewardship as a liaison between Branch volunteer leadership, Greyshirts and the National Finance Team

Leadership Levels: Branch


Ensure operational readiness by managing response trailers and caches and coordinating logistics for successful projects, training events, and operations.

Leadership Levels: Open at all levels


Enhance the Greyshirt experience and community by overseeing the outreach, engagement, and development of Greyshirts within each geographic area.

Leadership Levels: Open at all levels


Enable the movement of people to trainings, events, and operations for Team Rubicon. In this primarily operational role, you will assist with the vetting, selection, reconfirmation, dispatch, and tracking of volunteer deployments during the mission planning process and throughout operations.

Leadership Levels: Open at all levels


Direct the right resources to the area of most need by maintaining situational awareness for your geographic region, providing early warning of potential disasters and crises, collecting information, and conducting mission planning activities.

Leadership Levels: Open at all levels


Provide technical systems support, training, and mentorship to Greyshirts on TR technology assets, system administration, and more.

Leadership Levels: Open at all levels


Help build Team Rubicon’s capacity to GSD by teaching classes, work with Branch Training Associates and other leadership to coordinate and maintain short and long-term training plans and helping onboard and lead local instructors.

Leadership Levels: Open at all levels


Assist Greyshirts in proactively maintaining their resilience by offering connections to essential resources, tools, and external referrals for everything from physical fitness to mental health.

Leadership Levels: Branch