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Deployment Preferences

Please add your deployment preferences below, one at a time, by following these steps:

  • Click 'Add New Preference'
  • Click the magnifying glass in the window that pops up 
  • Select an option 
  • Click the 'Select' Button
  • Click 'Submit'

Still stuck? Check out the instructions or video for help.

Added your preferences and looking for the next step? Enter the dates you are available to serve on your General Availability Calendar by clicking the 'My General Availability' button below.

Types of Service

  • Isolation Shelter General Support – Providing food, logistic support, and other non-medical support to people under quarantine or directly impacted by COVID-19.
  • Food Supportive Services - Building meal kits and/or delivering food for food pantries to populations that cannot leave their homes.
  • Emergency Operations Center Support (Remote or In-Person) -Supporting ongoing operations in a command and general staff or Emergency Support Function role.
  • Incident Command Support (Remote or In-Person) - Supporting ongoing operations in a command and general staff role.
  • Drive Through Clinic Support – Testing site set-up, directing traffic, loading/unloading supplies and equipment, and asking standard initial patient screening questions.
  • Call Center Support (In-Person) - Answering the phone, receiving and recording information and request for support of increased call volume.
  • Core Capabilities - Muck-outs, debris removal, expedient home repair and other tasks standard for disaster response.
  • Healthcare Workers (Licensed Medical Providers Only) - Providing medical support to patients at locations where local medical’s support capacity is exceeded.
    • Healthcare Workers: We’d like to expedite getting you to the field by pre-loading your certifications. 
      • Pre-load your license information to allow us to search for your specific skills here.
      • Upload your certifications to expedite submission of credentialing packages, allowing us to provide medical services faster here.